I’m a huge advocate of CHIRP! Through their independent and confidential incident and near-miss reporting program, they investigate each report and their findings are published in these very interesting newsletters.
In my opinion, all DPAs and on-board officers should read these attentively and ask themselves how they can improve their own on-board safety.
I would also recommend discussing the newsletters with all crew during training sessions so they are reminded of the dangers involved, and the importance of reporting and drills.

This summer edition analyses the following incidents:

  • Single points of failure and inadequate alarms leading to loss of watertight integrity
  • Lack of battery maintenance leading to an explosion in the Engine Room
  • Damage to a tender under tow
  • Galley fire
  • Working at height without PPE (unfortunately, still such a common occurrence…)

Safe cruising! 😎

Here is the link to the latest newsletter: